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At PowerTrip Analytics® we develop automatic analytic solutions to help people understand and make better decisions from their data.


stephen_sfdStephen McDaniel
Stephen is Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder at PowerTrip Analytics where he develops automatic data and visualization solutions to simplify data-based decision-making.

Stephen has worked at many leading analytics companies including roles as Director of Analytic Product at Tableau, Senior Manager of Enterprise BI Development at SAS and Senior Product Manager at Brio/Oracle. At these companies he developed multiple strategic roadmaps in collaboration with leadership teams, led development and testing teams, researched cutting-edge analytic and visualization methods, developed reference sample libraries to showcase products and worked closely with user experience teams to craft exceptional user experiences. Stephen’s breadth of expertise extends past software development to include leading data mining efforts at Netflix, leading clinical trial design and analysis at companies such as Glaxo and Otsuka, designing and developing data management systems at Chiltern and developing the world’s first comprehensive clinical trials data warehouse in the 1990’s. He has also worked on development of three of the four major AIDS drugs of the 1990’s.

Stephen has been an invited speaker and hands-on instructor for multiple professional societies in analytics, technology and marketing. He has also been an invited speaker and instructor at multiple technology conferences and is co-author of multiple books including SAS for Dummies, The Accidental Analyst, Rapid Graphs with Tableau, the Rapid Dashboard Reference Card and numerous courses on analytic software tools and languages.


Eileen McDaniel INFORMSEileen McDaniel, Ph.D.
Eileen is CEO and Co-Founder at PowerTrip Analytics. Her experience as a research scientist inspired her to develop a system for business analysts to apply the scientific method to common analytics problems. Her method and related work guides our user experience and development philosophy at PowerTrip Analytics. As a research scientist, Eileen received multiple awards for excellence in scientific research and teaching, including recognition for her research innovations by the US Congress.

Eileen has been an invited instructor for professional societies in analytics and data visualization.  She has also been an invited speaker and instructor at multiple technology conferences and is co-author of The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss and the Rapid Dashboard Reference Card.


PowerTrip Analytics

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