Game of Thrones
Interactions Among the Top 30 Characters

This visualization is from our final case study in our new TDWI course.

Using a template created in Lyra and customized in Vega (a D3-based language), we explore the interactions among the top 30 characters in Game of Thrones (data from the books on which the series is based.) Colors are indicative of “alliances” or groups and sizes of each character are indicative of their appearances interacting with the other top 30 characters.

This data was originally compiled by Jerome Cukier and visualized beautifully on his web site using D3. You can read more about the data and how he collected on his site.

Here is the ranking and number of mentions of the top 30 characters in the books on which Game of Thrones is based.

1Tyrion Lannister116
2Eddard Stark103
3Cersei Lannister95
4Robert Baratheon91
5Jaime Lannister88
6Stannis Baratheon88
7Tywin Lannister88
8Robb Stark85
9Arya Stark83
10Jon Snow80
11Joffrey Baratheon78
12the Others77
13Sansa Stark75
14Catelyn Tully74
15Daenerys Targaryen67
16Bran Stark57
18Tommen Baratheon48
20Renly Baratheon45
21Gregor Clegane44
22Barristan Selmy41
23Petyr Baelish41
24Roose Bolton41
25Sandor Clegane41
26Mance Rayder40
27Theon Greyjoy39
28Rhaegar Targaryen38
29Brienne of Tarth35
30Jorah Mormont35

Here is the ranking and number of interaction mentions between the top 30 characters in the books on which Game of Thrones is based.

Interaction RankCharacter1Character2Interaction Mentions
1Eddard StarkRobert Baratheon62
2Tyrion LannisterCersei Lannister61
3Tyrion LannisterTywin Lannister59
4Tyrion LannisterJoffrey Baratheon54
5Jaime LannisterTywin Lannister53
6Cersei LannisterTywin Lannister51
7Cersei LannisterJoffrey Baratheon50
7Eddard StarkCersei Lannister50
7Joffrey BaratheonSansa Stark50
7Tyrion LannisterSansa Stark50
8Cersei LannisterJaime Lannister49
8Tyrion LannisterJaime Lannister49
9Cersei LannisterRobert Baratheon48
9Robb StarkCatelyn Tully48
10Jon Snowthe Others44
11Cersei LannisterSansa Stark43
12Eddard StarkJaime Lannister41
12Eddard StarkRobb Stark41
13Eddard StarkJoffrey Baratheon40
13Eddard StarkStannis Baratheon40
14Robert BaratheonJaime Lannister39
15Eddard StarkArya Stark37
15Eddard StarkSansa Stark37
15Robert BaratheonJoffrey Baratheon37
15Tyrion LannisterCatelyn Tully37
15Tyrion LannisterEddard Stark37
15Tyrion LannisterRobert Baratheon37
16Daenerys TargaryenJorah Mormont36
16Jon SnowMance Rayder36
16Tyrion LannisterVarys36
16Tywin LannisterJoffrey Baratheon36
17Cersei LannisterVarys35
17Eddard StarkTywin Lannister35
17Jaime LannisterCatelyn Tully35
17Sansa StarkCatelyn Tully35
17Tyrion LannisterRobb Stark35
18Eddard StarkCatelyn Tully34
18Jaime LannisterRobb Stark34
18Robb StarkArya Stark34
19Bran StarkLuwin33
19Eddard StarkBran Stark33
19Jaime LannisterBrienne of Tarth33
19Jaime LannisterJoffrey Baratheon33
19Jaime LannisterSansa Stark33
19Robert BaratheonStannis Baratheon33
20Robert BaratheonRobb Stark32
20Stannis BaratheonJon Snow32
21Eddard StarkJon Snow31
21Eddard StarkPetyr Baelish31
21Eddard StarkRenly Baratheon31
21Tyrion LannisterStannis Baratheon31
21Tywin LannisterGregor Clegane31
21Tywin LannisterSansa Stark31
22Cersei LannisterPetyr Baelish30
22Robb StarkSansa Stark30
22Tyrion LannisterPetyr Baelish30
23Arya StarkSansa Stark29
23Cersei LannisterStannis Baratheon29
23Joffrey BaratheonPetyr Baelish29
23Robert BaratheonArya Stark29
23Tywin LannisterRobb Stark29
24Robert BaratheonCatelyn Tully28
24Robert BaratheonTywin Lannister28
24Stannis BaratheonTywin Lannister28
24Tyrion LannisterTommen Baratheon28
25Arya StarkJon Snow27
25Cersei LannisterCatelyn Tully27
25Cersei LannisterGregor Clegane27
25Cersei LannisterTommen Baratheon27
25Joffrey BaratheonSandor Clegane27
25Robb StarkBran Stark27
25Robb Starkthe Others27
25Robert BaratheonSansa Stark27
26Eddard StarkVarys26
26Joffrey BaratheonCatelyn Tully26
26Robb StarkRoose Bolton26
26Stannis BaratheonRenly Baratheon26
27Arya StarkCatelyn Tully25
27Cersei LannisterRenly Baratheon25
27Daenerys TargaryenBarristan Selmy25
27Robert BaratheonRenly Baratheon25
27Sansa StarkSandor Clegane25
27Stannis BaratheonJoffrey Baratheon25
27Stannis BaratheonRobb Stark25
27Tywin LannisterVarys25
28Cersei LannisterRobb Stark24
28Jon SnowBran Stark24
28Robb StarkJoffrey Baratheon24
28Robb StarkJon Snow24
28Robert BaratheonPetyr Baelish24
28Stannis Baratheonthe Others24
28the OthersMance Rayder24
29Arya StarkSandor Clegane23
29Eddard StarkLuwin23
29Eddard Starkthe Others23
29Jaime LannisterArya Stark23
29Jaime LannisterStannis Baratheon23
29Robb StarkLuwin23
29Robert BaratheonBran Stark23
29Robert BaratheonVarys23
29Robert Baratheonthe Others23
29Sansa StarkPetyr Baelish23
29Tyrion LannisterGregor Clegane23
30Jaime LannisterGregor Clegane22
30Jaime LannisterRenly Baratheon22
30Jaime LannisterSandor Clegane22
30Jaime LannisterTommen Baratheon22
30Tywin LannisterCatelyn Tully22
30Tywin LannisterTommen Baratheon22
31Jaime LannisterBran Stark21
31Joffrey BaratheonRenly Baratheon21
31Joffrey BaratheonTommen Baratheon21
31Robert BaratheonJon Snow21
31Stannis BaratheonMance Rayder21
31Stannis BaratheonVarys21
32Arya StarkJoffrey Baratheon20
32Arya StarkRoose Bolton20
32Bran StarkTheon Greyjoy20
32Catelyn TullyBran Stark20
32Cersei LannisterSandor Clegane20
32Eddard StarkRoose Bolton20
32Joffrey BaratheonVarys20
32Robb StarkTheon Greyjoy20
32Stannis BaratheonArya Stark20
32VarysPetyr Baelish20
33Arya StarkGregor Clegane19
33Catelyn TullyBrienne of Tarth19
33Cersei LannisterArya Stark19
33Daenerys TargaryenRhaegar Targaryen19
33Eddard StarkBarristan Selmy19
33Eddard StarkTheon Greyjoy19
33Jaime LannisterRhaegar Targaryen19
33Robert BaratheonDaenerys Targaryen19
33Robert BaratheonRhaegar Targaryen19
33Sansa StarkGregor Clegane19
33Stannis BaratheonCatelyn Tully19
33Stannis BaratheonRoose Bolton19
33Stannis BaratheonTommen Baratheon19
33the OthersBran Stark19
34Catelyn TullyRenly Baratheon18
34Catelyn TullyRoose Bolton18
34Joffrey BaratheonBran Stark18
34Robb StarkRenly Baratheon18
34Robert BaratheonBarristan Selmy18
34Robert BaratheonBrienne of Tarth18
34Robert BaratheonGregor Clegane18
34Tyrion LannisterBran Stark18
34Tyrion LannisterSandor Clegane18
34Tywin LannisterArya Stark18
34the OthersLuwin18
35Arya StarkBran Stark17
35Catelyn TullyPetyr Baelish17
35Cersei LannisterBrienne of Tarth17
35Eddard StarkGregor Clegane17
35Eddard StarkMance Rayder17
35Eddard StarkRhaegar Targaryen17
35Jaime LannisterBarristan Selmy17
35Jaime LannisterRoose Bolton17
35Jaime Lannisterthe Others17
35Joffrey BaratheonBarristan Selmy17
35Jon SnowLuwin17
35Robb StarkGregor Clegane17
35Sansa StarkBran Stark17
35Stannis BaratheonTheon Greyjoy17
35Tyrion LannisterArya Stark17
35Tyrion LannisterDaenerys Targaryen17
35Tyrion Lannisterthe Others17
35Tywin LannisterRoose Bolton17
36Arya Starkthe Others16
36Catelyn TullySandor Clegane16
36Catelyn TullyTommen Baratheon16
36Cersei LannisterRhaegar Targaryen16
36Jaime LannisterVarys16
36LuwinTheon Greyjoy16
36Robert BaratheonRoose Bolton16
36Roose BoltonBrienne of Tarth16
36Sansa StarkTommen Baratheon16
36Stannis BaratheonBran Stark16
36Tywin LannisterPetyr Baelish16
36Tywin LannisterRhaegar Targaryen16
37Arya StarkLuwin15
37Catelyn TullyLuwin15
37Cersei LannisterBran Stark15
37Cersei Lannisterthe Others15
37Eddard StarkSandor Clegane15
37Renly BaratheonBarristan Selmy15
37Renly BaratheonPetyr Baelish15
37Robert BaratheonLuwin15
37Sansa StarkVarys15
37Stannis BaratheonPetyr Baelish15
37Stannis BaratheonSansa Stark15
37Tyrion LannisterRenly Baratheon15
37Tywin LannisterBrienne of Tarth15
38Eddard StarkBrienne of Tarth14
38Eddard StarkTommen Baratheon14
38Joffrey BaratheonGregor Clegane14
38Jon SnowSansa Stark14
38Robert BaratheonSandor Clegane14
38Robert BaratheonTommen Baratheon14
38Roose BoltonTheon Greyjoy14
38Sansa StarkRenly Baratheon14
38Tyrion LannisterBrienne of Tarth14
38Tyrion LannisterJorah Mormont14
38VarysRenly Baratheon14
38the OthersCatelyn Tully14
39Catelyn TullyGregor Clegane13
39Cersei LannisterBarristan Selmy13
39Gregor CleganeRoose Bolton13
39Jaime LannisterJon Snow13
39Renly BaratheonBrienne of Tarth13
39Robb StarkBrienne of Tarth13
39Robb StarkMance Rayder13
39Sansa StarkBrienne of Tarth13
39Stannis BaratheonRhaegar Targaryen13
39Tommen BaratheonSandor Clegane13
39Tyrion LannisterJon Snow13
39Tywin LannisterRenly Baratheon13
39VarysGregor Clegane13
40Jaime LannisterPetyr Baelish12
40Joffrey Baratheonthe Others12
40Jon SnowTheon Greyjoy12
40Mance RayderTheon Greyjoy12
40Sansa StarkBarristan Selmy12
40Sansa StarkLuwin12
40Sansa StarkTheon Greyjoy12
40Tyrion LannisterRhaegar Targaryen12
40Tyrion LannisterRoose Bolton12
40Tywin LannisterSandor Clegane12
40VarysBarristan Selmy12
40the OthersSansa Stark12
41Arya StarkRenly Baratheon11
41Barristan SelmyJorah Mormont11
41Bran StarkMance Rayder11
41Bran StarkRoose Bolton11
41Catelyn TullyTheon Greyjoy11
41Gregor CleganePetyr Baelish11
41Jon SnowCatelyn Tully11
41Sansa StarkRoose Bolton11
41Stannis BaratheonDaenerys Targaryen11
41Tyrion LannisterBarristan Selmy11
41Tywin LannisterBarristan Selmy11
41Tywin LannisterDaenerys Targaryen11
41VarysTommen Baratheon11
41the OthersRenly Baratheon11
42Arya StarkBrienne of Tarth10
42Arya StarkMance Rayder10
42Arya StarkTheon Greyjoy10
42Barristan SelmyPetyr Baelish10
42Catelyn TullyVarys10
42Daenerys TargaryenVarys10
42Gregor CleganeSandor Clegane10
42Rhaegar TargaryenJorah Mormont10
42Robb StarkPetyr Baelish10
42Robb StarkTommen Baratheon10
42Robb StarkVarys10
42Roose BoltonMance Rayder10
42Sandor CleganeBrienne of Tarth10
42Tommen BaratheonGregor Clegane10
42Tyrion LannisterLuwin10
42Tywin LannisterBran Stark10
42Tywin Lannisterthe Others10
42VarysRhaegar Targaryen10
42the OthersTheon Greyjoy10
43Arya StarkVarys9
43Barristan SelmyRhaegar Targaryen9
43Cersei LannisterRoose Bolton9
43Gregor CleganeBrienne of Tarth9
43Jaime LannisterLuwin9
43Joffrey BaratheonLuwin9
43LuwinMance Rayder9
43LuwinRoose Bolton9
43Renly BaratheonRhaegar Targaryen9
43Robb StarkSandor Clegane9
43Robert BaratheonMance Rayder9
43Robert BaratheonTheon Greyjoy9
43Stannis BaratheonBarristan Selmy9
43Stannis BaratheonGregor Clegane9
43Tommen BaratheonBrienne of Tarth9
43Tommen BaratheonRhaegar Targaryen9
43Tywin LannisterJon Snow9
43the OthersVarys9
44Arya StarkTommen Baratheon8
44Barristan SelmySandor Clegane8
44Bran StarkPetyr Baelish8
44Bran StarkRenly Baratheon8
44Bran StarkSandor Clegane8
44Cersei LannisterJon Snow8
44Jaime LannisterTheon Greyjoy8
44Joffrey BaratheonRhaegar Targaryen8
44Robert BaratheonJorah Mormont8
44Sansa StarkRhaegar Targaryen8
44Tywin LannisterTheon Greyjoy8
44the OthersTommen Baratheon8
45Arya StarkBarristan Selmy7
45Arya StarkRhaegar Targaryen7
45Catelyn TullyRhaegar Targaryen7
45Cersei LannisterLuwin7
45Jaime LannisterDaenerys Targaryen7
45Jaime LannisterJorah Mormont7
45Joffrey BaratheonRoose Bolton7
45Joffrey BaratheonTheon Greyjoy7
45Jon SnowJoffrey Baratheon7
45Jon SnowRoose Bolton7
45Stannis BaratheonBrienne of Tarth7
45Stannis BaratheonLuwin7
45Tommen BaratheonRenly Baratheon7
45Tyrion LannisterTheon Greyjoy7
45the OthersBrienne of Tarth7
46Arya StarkPetyr Baelish6
46Bran StarkTommen Baratheon6
46Bran StarkVarys6
46Cersei LannisterDaenerys Targaryen6
46Eddard StarkDaenerys Targaryen6
46Jon SnowTommen Baratheon6
46Petyr BaelishRhaegar Targaryen6
46Renly BaratheonGregor Clegane6
46Renly BaratheonSandor Clegane6
46Robb StarkBarristan Selmy6
46Tommen BaratheonLuwin6
46the OthersRoose Bolton6
47Bran StarkBarristan Selmy5
47Catelyn TullyBarristan Selmy5
47Daenerys TargaryenTommen Baratheon5
47Eddard StarkJorah Mormont5
47Joffrey BaratheonDaenerys Targaryen5
47Jon SnowRhaegar Targaryen5
47LuwinSandor Clegane5
47Rhaegar TargaryenBrienne of Tarth5
47Robb StarkRhaegar Targaryen5
47Sandor CleganeRhaegar Targaryen5
47Sansa StarkMance Rayder5
47Tommen BaratheonRoose Bolton5
47Tywin LannisterJorah Mormont5
47Tywin LannisterLuwin5
47the OthersDaenerys Targaryen5
47the OthersPetyr Baelish5
47the OthersRhaegar Targaryen5
48Barristan SelmyBrienne of Tarth4
48Bran StarkBrienne of Tarth4
48Bran StarkGregor Clegane4
48Bran StarkRhaegar Targaryen4
48Cersei LannisterTheon Greyjoy4
48Daenerys TargaryenRenly Baratheon4
48Gregor CleganeRhaegar Targaryen4
48Joffrey BaratheonBrienne of Tarth4
48Joffrey BaratheonJorah Mormont4
48Jon SnowGregor Clegane4
48Jon SnowPetyr Baelish4
48Jon SnowSandor Clegane4
48LuwinRenly Baratheon4
48Renly BaratheonTheon Greyjoy4
48Sansa StarkJorah Mormont4
48Stannis BaratheonJorah Mormont4
48Stannis BaratheonSandor Clegane4
48Tommen BaratheonMance Rayder4
48Tommen BaratheonPetyr Baelish4
48Tommen BaratheonTheon Greyjoy4
48VarysJorah Mormont4
48VarysRoose Bolton4
48VarysSandor Clegane4
48the OthersGregor Clegane4
48the OthersJorah Mormont4
48the OthersSandor Clegane4
49Barristan SelmyTheon Greyjoy3
49Catelyn TullyMance Rayder3
49Cersei LannisterMance Rayder3
49Daenerys TargaryenPetyr Baelish3
49Jaime LannisterMance Rayder3
49Jon SnowBarristan Selmy3
49Jon SnowJorah Mormont3
49Jon SnowRenly Baratheon3
49Jon SnowVarys3
49LuwinBarristan Selmy3
49LuwinPetyr Baelish3
49Petyr BaelishRoose Bolton3
49Petyr BaelishSandor Clegane3
49Renly BaratheonRoose Bolton3
49Sandor CleganeTheon Greyjoy3
49Tyrion LannisterMance Rayder3
49Tywin LannisterMance Rayder3
49VarysBrienne of Tarth3
50Barristan SelmyRoose Bolton2
50Cersei LannisterJorah Mormont2
50Daenerys TargaryenGregor Clegane2
50Gregor CleganeBarristan Selmy2
50Gregor CleganeMance Rayder2
50Gregor CleganeTheon Greyjoy2
50Jon SnowBrienne of Tarth2
50Jon SnowDaenerys Targaryen2
50Petyr BaelishBrienne of Tarth2
50Petyr BaelishTheon Greyjoy2
50Renly BaratheonJorah Mormont2
50Robb StarkJorah Mormont2
50Roose BoltonRhaegar Targaryen2
50Sansa StarkDaenerys Targaryen2
50Theon GreyjoyRhaegar Targaryen2
50Tommen BaratheonBarristan Selmy2
50VarysTheon Greyjoy2
50the OthersBarristan Selmy2
51Bran StarkJorah Mormont1
51Catelyn TullyDaenerys Targaryen1
51Catelyn TullyJorah Mormont1
51Daenerys TargaryenBran Stark1
51Daenerys TargaryenRoose Bolton1
51LuwinRhaegar Targaryen1
51Petyr BaelishJorah Mormont1
51Petyr BaelishMance Rayder1
51Renly BaratheonMance Rayder1
51Robb StarkDaenerys Targaryen1
51Roose BoltonJorah Mormont1
51Roose BoltonSandor Clegane1
51VarysMance Rayder1
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